Monday, 9 November 2015

November is finally cold!

     I'm not sure if it is every where but thus far it has been a rather warm November. Which has been a little bit jarring for my internal clock.

October was a weird month a lot of good things happened and some not so great ones . I got my Visa for my trip, and people died it was really like something out of a novel. It has been about three week since I stopped reading. I'm Pretty sure I am done the grieving period for my last book. to the library tomorrow after work to get everything sorted. It should be a great adventure.

My Trip has been booked, the flights are still up in the air but I'm actually going on my trip! Finding insurance is a pain. Most insurance will only cover you as long as you are covered by ohip, which I understand is so that I'm covered under the health care system here. It just makes it difficult to be covered. There is however a loop hole where you can apply for an extension while away. I'm hoping I qualify for it or can convince OHIP to cover me for my entire trip.

The Flights will get sorted today, hopefully. I've had to switch methods of payment but I'm going come hell or high water I'm going.

I went to the Harmony Inc, international convention and competition this past weekend, My chorus placed second overall, as a none participating member it was a treat to watch. Was Odd not being in the chorus but it was nice to watch. I did get to preform with the chorus for a special number. It was a lot of fun, we made people cry and stand in respect.

First week of November down. Starting the second. This week is filled with rehearsals for our concert on the 28th Birthday planning for my friend and My first trip to our other office to help get everything organized.  November is going to be an adventurous month.

I have to see if I can negotiate my final date of work before the trip only so I can get a few more hours. But if not I'm done on the 18th of December! WEE