Saturday, 18 July 2015

Halfway to crazy but all creativity

So I have finished working at Lowe's. I will miss every one there, my co-workers were awesome. However I wasn't able to keep doing 7 days a week any more.
16/16 days of straight work are complete now I have my first weekend off since may!
Im tired and punchy but I have fringe! So happy to be volunteering at the Hamilton Fringe Festival, Im making friends and just having a blast!
Day two today!

Sharing dreams and new adventures with people. 3 days Until Montreal! Im just so thrilled!

Life is looking up and moving forward, squee!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


As it is July First HAPPY CANADA DAY! I've made it this far. Recently I graduated from university got a job, then another job, then  a third job related to my second job and a fourth job teaching in my field. Now Im quitting my first job because my second job offered me 35 guaranteed hours a week. I'm very much looking for ward to not working 6-7 days a week and having time off.

It's all very exciting, I'm currently working on my passport application, extension on my OHIP and renewing my drivers license and health card. I'm getting closer and closer to leaving and still the majority of it all seems very surreal.

Im excited but nervous, and thats ok. Im also stoked for my vacation in July, going to Montreal for five days with friends! No longer getting ink while I'm away but oh will I enjoy those doughnuts and poutines. There is so much to see and do Im not sure we will get to it all but it will be great!

So on some healthier information i've been running again I'm on week two of the couch to 5k.  It's getting easier so I think next week will kick me in the teeth. However, I am moving forward and feeling better about it all the time.

I just need to finally find out what is wrong with my lungs and ear, and i will be ready for anything. Im hoping to find a solution to my breathing problem weather it be a puffer or just a dietary thing. I'll be happy with a solution the issue instead of a patch work job. I like to make things that last a long time.

I have so much sewing to do in the next little while and I'm not sure when ill get to it but I'm going to try my best to stay ahead of it all. Just like practicing and looking for opportunities to preform. Im hoping to get my stuff together enough to hit a few open mi nights this month.

Now that is my next/last few weeks in a nut shell.