Thursday, 26 February 2015

Exciting Week

So this week has been great. I've gotten all my homework done, and things for my recital are finally falling into place. I'm getting excited , trying really hard to fight through my anxiety and keeping in a positive head space. One more midterm next week then I'm free until finals.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Reading week

So, I'm on reading week this week. My professors are like go enjoy your week off and I laugh at them  usually really hard. By Week off you mean the week you give us twice as much homework for and out all of our midterms after? That week in the middle of February that isn't even a full week because one day is a holiday? No this week I have 6songs to perfect 8 to learn for singing three for flute and I some how have to manage to get good at the French horn. Once that is under my belt I have 13  short assignments, 2 long assignments, 8 chapters to read and interviews to do for my field research.
There are some pluses, seeing my boyfriend and my parents but in between sleeping and homework. I also need to take my computer to the shop because the battery is dying, and running very slowly. I'm hoping to not break the bank but we will see.

Monday, 2 February 2015


So after an entire week of being home sick, I am finally feeling better. I have accomplished a lot today. I finished lego batman, sewing a pair of pants, three short papers, laundry, cleaned my kitchen and now have a cheese cake in the oven. I am still going to do some writing and reading before bed. Its nice to do things again. School is headed in a positive direction.